Frequently Asked Questions?

Q. How important is a good floor plan?

A. A floor plan sizes and describes the rooms that will shape your family's living in the house. It should be studied carefully to determine if the house suits your mode of living.

A large formal dining room that no one uses, for example, is a waste of money if it means that the space of the family room, where your family will spend its leisure hours, is small and cramped. The plan shows where you will have the most important spatial character, where the space allotment has been maximized or minimized and how efficient the construction of the house will be.

Q. What does a set of plans include?

A.We can supply you with a complete set of working drawings ready for your builder to begin construction immediately. All drawings are drawn to the required scale of 1/4"=1'-0".

Each set of working drawings consists of: foundation plan; first floor and second floor (if any); exterior elevations; interior elevations (fireplace, kitchen cabinets, and others as needed); construction cross- section; schematic electrical layout; plumbing disposal diagram; and specifications (description of materials).

Also available is a complete framing lumber and mill list (see order blank).

Q. How many sets of plans do I need?

A. For actual construction you will probably need seven (7) sets: 1 for a permit; 1 for contract signing (this becomes a legal part of your agreement with the general contractor; 1 for your general contractor's working use; 3 (one each) for electrical, plumbing and heating sub-contractors; and 1 for grading and landscaping.

Once you've made the decision to build, do it now. Waiting can mean increased costs for land, materials and labor.

Q. Can I customize the plans for this house?

A. Custom plan changes are most easily made when the proportions remain similar to the original design. Do feel free to rearrange non-load bearing partitions to meet your family's special requirements, to plan the kitchen cabinet arrangement to suit your working habits, to outfit closets and cabinetry for your storage needs.

Q. Can a plan be reversed?

A. Yes, we will send you the number of sets of regular blueprints desired and, for an additional charge (see rates on order coupon), one set of blueprints that are mechanically reversed as in a mirror image. Your builder will work with both the regular blueprints and the reverse blueprints in constructing your home. (Check the appropriate boxes in the coupon when you order. Reverse blueprints are available only as an additional service with your purchase of regular blueprints.)

Q. What are exterior elevations?

A. The exterior elevations show the front, rear and sides of the house, including exterior materials, details and measurements. These elevations are included with all house plan orders. If you want to view these elevations before you order plans from us, please email us with the plan number and your address. "These are available for house plans and three/four car garages only."

Q. What is included in a complete framing lumber and mill list?

A. The complete framing lumber and mill list is a guide, prepared by an experienced building estimator, to facilitate securing an accurate construction quote in your locality. The following is included in a material list (specific to you plan): concrete work; masonry work; structural steel; carpentry work; plywood; framing lumber; exterior finishing lumber; interior finishing lumber; insulation; roofing; siding; plasterboards; and millwork. "This list is not available for all of our house designs."

Q. How much will it cost to build this house?

A. The only way to obtain an accurate estimate of costs is to have a contractor go over the blueprints and give you an estimate based on local cost factors and the materials you select.

The contractor's estimate will take into consideration such site development costs as: underground or overhead electric service connection's fee; sewer or septic tank; paved driveway or gravel; type of entrance, walk, patio and so on. When you get to the house itself, costs will include the type of finish paneling, hardware, bath fixtures and fittings, vinyl flooring, light fixtures, etc. that you choose.

When you make compromises based on pricing, concentrate on including better quality basic products, such as heating, windows, and hardware. If you must, eliminate more easily applied glamour finishes that can be added to the surface later.

Q. What are the best ways to build energy saving features into a home?

A. When you build a home, budget funds so that the most important features are built in from the beginning.For example, deluxe appliances, paneling, and expensive wall coverings can wait, but don't economize on such important energy saving features as:

Q. What is a "Study Set of Plans"?

A. To help you in deciding if you would like to purchase a particular house plan we at Homes for Today are now selling study sets of plans for $89.00.

We will give you full credit for the $89.00 if you decide to go ahead and purchase the four or seven sets package of full construction drawings within 60 days of your "study set" purchase. 

Each study set of plans consists of the floor plans and all the exterior elevations to scale (1/4"= 1'-0"). This will allow you to study the actual floor plans and see what details and materials are used on all sides of the building.

The plans are not for construction and have no detail information such as roofing, foundation,  interior elevations or construction notes.

These plans are not returnable or exchangeable.

To order a study set of one of our house plans give us a call at 516-569-4241. We accept most major credit cards.


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