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Don't hitch up this colorful caboose, build it in your yard and use one of its rooms for storage, the other for a playhouse or poolside dressing room. Built on a concrete block foundation, it has doors at either end, windows on both sidewalls. Waterproof canvas is stretched over the curved wood roof to form a finish. Vertical grooved siding can be painted in bright colors or stained, as you prefer; caboose is 6'- 3" wide by 14'- 8" long by 8'- 7" high, including platforms at either end.
If you think this is a decorative do-nothing wishing well for the yard, look again. It's a cookout center for the chef. Pre-fabricated Bar-B-Q unit has cooking grate, firebox and ash dump. Slate counter offers workspace. Inverted bucket shields light bulb. Well, 3' square, is 6'- 6" high.
A-frame greenhouse: If you're into gardening and need a place to store equipment and start plants, this attractive A-frame greenhouse could be the answer.

Plastic roof over plant section allows plenty of sunlight. Workbench is built into opposite side. Greenhouse is 12' wide; 10'- 2" deep; 7' high.

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