Q. What is a "Architect Study Sketch"?

A. We have had many requests for revisions to our plans on our website so our resident Architect has decided to help you.

Each study sketch will include 1/4"= 1'-0" of floor plans and a front elevation of the building.   Our fee for this service would be:

     For a House:     $.07 per square foot (example $.07 x 1000 sq.ft. = $70.00) for each floor plan.

     For a Garage:   $.03 per square foot for the garage floor plan and $.07 per square foot for the loft floor plan.

There would be no charge for the front elevation.

What we will need from you is a list of ideas that you would like to change in the existing garage or dwelling.   You can either mail or email this information to us or you can call and speak to our Architect (between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM e.s.t.).    Our mailing address and phone number are:

                                          Augustus Suglia, A.I.A.  Architect

                                          382 Church Ave.

                                 Cedarhurst, NY   11516

Phone: 516-569-4241

These sketches are not for construction and have no detail information such as framing, foundation or architectural construction notes.

Once you have received these sketches you may take them to your local Architect or drafting service for construction drawings.   Our Architect is also available for this service.   If you decide to use our Architect we will give you full credit for the amount you spent for the sketches.

These plans are not returnable or exchangeable.

We accept most credit cards.


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